Texas schools have found a genius loophole to thwart governor’s ban on masks

Texas schools have found a genius loophole to thwart governor’s ban on masks

A school district in Texas has implemented a genius method to avoid complying with Governor Greg Abbott’s fight against mask-wearing and coronavirus vaccine mandates.

While the Paris Independent School District is prohibited from implementing temporary mask mandates for Covid - the state has no power to stop them changing their dress code to include masks. So that’s exactly what they did.

They are the latest to follow suit after school districts in Austin, Dallas and Houston made masks mandatory for the upcoming school year.

In a press release, the School District explained that the Board of Trustees is concerned about the health and safety of its students and employees. “The Board believes the dress code can be used to mitigate communicable health issues, and therefore has amended the PISD dress code to protect our students and employees”, they said.

“The Texas Governor does not have the authority to usurp the Board of Trustees’ exclusive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of the public schools of the district,”

”Nothing in the Governor’s Executive Order 38 states he has suspended Chapter 11 of the Texas Education Code, and therefore the Board has elected to amend its dress code consistent with its statutory authority.”

Abbott’s issued an Executive Order back in May that explicitly said that those who conflict with the order could face a $1,000 fine.

“Beginning May 21, local governments or officials that attempt to impose a mask mandate or impose a limitation inconsistent or conflicting with the Executive Order can be subject to a fine of up to $1,000”, he said. While several countries fought back against Abbott’s orders, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in his favour.

On Tuesday, Abbott announced he tested positive for COVID and is currently receiving monoclonal-antibody treatment.

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