Photo of exhausted Domino’s employee working through Texas storm goes viral
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A photo of a Domino’s worker working through a storm in Texas has gone viral.

Over the last week, an unprecedented storm has hit Texas incredibly hard – leaving many people without power, heat, or running water. In the middle of it all, a photo of  Ted Cruz – the senator for Texas –  caught flying to Cancun to wait it out, went viral. So did this photo – for another reason.

The photo shows a young Domino’s employee who is seemingly exhausted – and being forced to work in the middle of a life threatening event. The photo was submitted by Judy DeLuna in San Antonio.

The Domino’s in question apparently had a weekend’s worth of pizza, that they were able to get rid of within four hours.

People have pointed out that while their work ethic may be commendable, no one should be forced to come into work at a pizza place during a storm – and that they are likely not getting paid enough for the risks that they’ve taken.

Others pointed out that while it was good to see their hard work being recognised, what people actually need is better pay.

Other people pointed out the parallels between that photo of Ted Cruz and these workers.

Throughout the pandemic, essential workers – those who work in supermarkets, at stores, at takeout places – have often been the people keeping whole societies running. Despite the fact that these workers gain national praise, many of them just aren’t making enough money and are being forced to work in unsafe conditions.

In the US, an advocacy group called Fight for $15 (which is lobbying for a $15 minimum wage) has pointed out that  the minimum wage in Texas is $7.25.

They suggested that if people were frustrated about this photo, they should get in touch with their senators to vote in favor of the 15 dollar minimum wage in the Covid relief bill.

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