Shocking footage of one road in two different states shows just how grave the situation is in Texas

Shocking footage of one road in two different states shows just how grave the situation is in Texas

The US state of Texas is currently struggling against an onslaught of extreme winter weather which has plunged the state into chaos thanks to storm Uri, which has left 25 people dead.

More than 3 million homes are still said to be without power and water with ice and snow causing havoc with generators across Texas failing. The Texas Tribune reports that many of the generators in the state have not been upgraded since 2011. Around 200 million people are said to have received some kind of weather-related alert.

Anger has been aimed at Texan officials as to why the proper infrastructure hasn’t been put in place, especially after a storm in 2011 caused similar problems.

The extent of the problems in Texas has been perfectly illustrated in a short video clip captured by Weather Channel reporter Charles Peek. The 22-second video shows the State Line Avenue in Texarkana, a road that on one side is in Texas and the other side is in neighbouring Arkansas.

Besides being a geographical oddity, the most alarming part of this video is the amount of snow on one side of the road compared to the other. While the Texas side is covered in snow, Arkansas’s side has had all of the snow removed from the road by snow plows making it much safer for drivers.

In a tweet, Mike Seidel, a fellow Weather Channel reporter adds that this is down to Texas not having any snow plows.

The shocking footage has been viewed more than one million times on Twitter already, with many appalled by what they have seen.

Officials in Texas such as Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott have come under fire for their slow response to the crisis. Abbott, in particular, has come under severe criticism after making comments on Fox News which suggested that the Democrats Green New Deal proposal, is to blame for the issues.

Texas is set to be hit by further storms on Thursday with many being told that their power might not be restored until the weekend. Meanwhile, former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has compared the situation in Texas to a ‘failed state.’

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