These are the 10 best countries in the world, according to the youngest person to visit all of them

36-year-old Norwegian Gunnar Garfors held the record for being the youngest person in the world to have travelled to every single country on Earth - but his record has just been beaten.

Now Danish 28-year-old Henrik Jeppesen has just topped the previous record, ticking off his last country, Eritrea, on April 1st (it wasn't an April Fool's!)

Image: Henrik Jeppesen

He told Nordjyske:

I am so happy... This was my big goal and I have reached already at the age of 27. But it is also a bit strange that it's now over.

Henrik is planning on settling down in South Africa - his favourite country of all 196. His top ten in order are:

1. South Africa

Picture: South African Tourism/Flickr

2. New Zealand

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

3. Italy

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

4. The Maldives

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

5. Australia

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

6. Vanuatu

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

7. Rwanda

Picture: CIAT/Flickr

8. Palau

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

9. Seychelles

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

10. Thailand

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Henrik's next challenge is to visit every US state. You can keep up with his planned adventures at his website here.

Henrik's list is very different from Gunnar's, who previously held the record - they only have one country in common, New Zealand. Check out his top 12 at this link.

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