The 10 best places for families to live in England and Wales

Wednesday 22 October 2014 10:30
St Bees, Cumbria

The coastal village of St Bees in Cumbria has been named as the best place in England and Wales for families to live, according to a new report.

The finance group Family Investments, which analyses postcode data from across the country, puts St Bees on top due to its low crime rate, affordable housing and exceptional school results.

Here's the top 10...

1. St Bees, Cumbria

2. Wokingham, Berkshire

3. Faringdon, Oxfordshire

4. Lower Earley, Berkshire

5. Swanland, East Yorkshire

6. Moor Row, Cumbria

7. Sandbach, Cheshire

8. Longridge, Lancashire

9. Hixon, Staffordshire

10. Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

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