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Britain First leader Paul Golding just sent an email to the party's mailing list about a new diversity initiative at the BBC.

Golding, who doesn't know which way to stand during mayoral presentations, ranted in an email about positions which are only open to "black, Asian or non-white ethnic minorities".

The positions are available through a publicly funded charity called Creative Access. The jobs are at trainee/internship level and are designed to create a more diverse workforce at the BBC, which is often tarred with the 'white middle-class Oxbridge' brush.

There are numerous paths we could go down with this - the issue of segmenting work applications, whether candidates should ever be cherry-picked for any other reason than their skills, whether this is a temporary measure to counteract a society deemed on many levels to be unbalanced and hierarchical.

So many things are up for debate. But one thing isn't - that the far-right is in an absolute state at the idea of trying to create more opportunities for ethnic minorities.

Golding's email, which is titled "The news gets worse and worse", begins:

A job advert for a role at the BBC which was only open to UK nationals only from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority has been heavily criticised.

The BBC and [sic] said the corporation was looking for ethnic minorities to fill the positions because there were 'too many white people' working there.

He then quickly shifts focus to a recent story about a man called Gavin Rae who converted to Islam. Statistics on immigration are then flung about with little context or citation.

He then asks email recipients for money:

These are just some of the crazy news stories from the last few days.

Are you only going to sit on your hands and do nothing about this situation?

But Golding's not the only upset party. So too is a well-known commentator, who took to LBC radio station to denounce the BBC job roles.

One caller, Paul, from Forest Gate in east London, said the Creative Access move is "racist".

My point is that we are losing our heritage, our nationality. We’re losing it all because as soon as you say something you are classed as racist.

That job interview for no-whites allowed is racist.

If we did that advertising for only an English white nationality it would kick up a storm.

Another caller from Dublin said that "White people are becoming an endangered species."

State of this.

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