The chart that shows how people in Europe really feel about the EU

Even though support for Eurosceptic political parties continues to grow, faith in the European Union is rebounding across the continent, new research shows.

A survey by the Pew Research Center, visualised above by Statista, has found that in the wake of the Eurozone crisis and global recession, belief in the EU's ability to strengthen national economies plummeted to a low of 32 per cent in 2013.

But on all indicators, faith is slowly being restored across selected EU members.

The EU is in a very different political landscape post-recession, however. The rise of Eurosceptic political parties - on the left in Spain and Italy, and on the right in the UK and Germany - is still seen as a good thing. When asked by Pew the public said non-traditional parties raised important issues that are ignored by more mainstream politicians.

France, where the far-right National Front group gained ground in recent local elections, was the only strong exception out of the six countries surveyed.

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