Residents fleeing the Iraqi city of Basra in March 2003
Residents fleeing the Iraqi city of Basra in March 2003

The war in Iraq led to the death of 179,312 civilians between the US-led invasion in 2003 and the present day.

UK military deaths are numbered at 179, with the US losing 4,491 servicemen and women in the same period.

The Chilcot report confirmed on Wednesday long-held criticisms that at least UK casualties could have been further prevented if adequate training and equipment had been provided to soldiers on the ground.

It took the US, UK and their allies six weeks to invade and topple Saddam Hussein's 25-year regime.

As a result, sectarian violence has ripped the Middle Eastern state apart killing thousands and allowing terror groups such as Isis and Al Qaeda to take hold.

Here is a chart from Statista that illustrates just how many Iraqi civilians have died in the last 13 years as a result of Western intervention:

The UK has just greenlit another reinforcement of 250 troops to join more than 1,100 already based in Iraq helping local security forces, including Kurdish militia, to take back control of Isis-controlled areas in the north of the county.

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