The choice these toddlers make between bleach or toys will scare all parents

A Dutch advertising agency has put together a video for the country's government which will serve as a warning to any parent with small children.

According to the video, 7,500 accidents happen in the Netherlands each year with household chemicals with most of those affected being young children.

To raise awareness around the issue and to help cut down on hospital admissions, ad agency Lemz gave a group of toddlers a choice between a toxic household product and a toy.

Using a hidden camera, eye-tracking sensors and a heart-rate monitor the team were able to determine which product the children were attracted to most.

The video claims that the children were attracted to the chemical more than 50 per cent of the time with bleach proving one of the most popular at 82 per cent.

It concludes with the simple warning: "Don't give kids a choice."

HT Mashable

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