The video that shows just how absurd most anti-rape advice is

The first 90 seconds of this video are absurd, ridiculous and slightly offensive.

They also effectively make a point that i100 has reported oninthepast: much of the way we talk about rape is focused on how not to get raped, rather than teaching people not to rape.

As Anna Akana, who made the video, says: "I am seriously so f**king tired of being responsible for not getting raped."

We're told by society never walk alone at night, never walk down an ally way. If you think you're being followed make three right turns because that means they just went in a circle. Never run upstairs if you're being chased because then you get trapped. Don't stop if you can see a car seat on the side of the road.

Hey! Here's some nail polish that will help you identify date rape drugs. Sport this adorable yet fierce keychain so you can gouge someone's eyes out. And on, and on, and on...

Watch the full clip below:

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