It sounds ridiculous when we treat other crimes the way we treat rape

Of the estimated 95,000 people raped every year in Britain, figures suggest just over 1 per cent will see their attackers convicted.

While rape convictions were at 60.3 per cent in 2013/14, only 3,891 cases were prosecuted - meaning thousands of victims don't report the crime.

This short film, made in the US by Cynthia Kao, examines that problem by looking at what would happen if we treated other crimes the way we treat rape. The comparison is exaggerated for effect, but highlights an important issue in how society thinks about different crimes.

"Right here in front of the window? Flashing your goods for all the world to see? Kinda sounds like you were asking for it," one policeman says to a man trying to report a robbery.

"By filing a report you're going to bring a lot of negative attention to this neighbourhood, and to yourself," his colleague adds, concluding: "Hey, robbers will be robbers."

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