The grim reality of life as a heroin addict

The grim reality of life as a heroin addict

This is the harsh, grim reality of a day in the life of heroin addict Magnus Lilleberg: injections to the groin because he can no longer use his neck, an inability to afford plasters for painful blisters, and a lack of sleep due to constantly being awoken by shakes and sweats.

Lilleberg was given a hand-held camera by Christoffer Næss and Per Kristian Lomsdalen of the documentary group, Munin Film, in 2011.

They asked him to document his everyday life as a heroin addict in the capital of Norway, Oslo. The video is simple, with Lilleberg not pushing any message or agenda on the viewer. He just explains his routine, which in itself reveals the lack of direction to his life, the all-consuming nature of his addiction and his belief in the need for a change in drug policy in Norway.

The producer and editor, Naess, told the Independent: "In Norway, and elsewhere, heroin addicts are often perceived as a homogeneous group who are outcasts from society," and said that Lilleberg hoped to alter this false picture through the 17-minute film. Lilleberg filmed himself between 2011 and 2013, which Næss and Lomsdalen then edited.

The film starts with Lilleberg injecting himself through the neck in his bathroom, blood seeping out after he is finished. He then performs some mundane tasks, such as watching morning television, before making a cup of "strong Earl Grey tea with lots of sugar and milk."

Understandably, given the subject matter, this film is graphic.

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