The heartbreaking cartoon that sums up the choice faced by Syrian children

Picture: Khalid Albaih
Picture: Khalid Albaih

A picture of a five-year-old Syrian child still in shock after being rescued from the rubble of a Russian airstrike dominated the world's media on Thursday.

Omran Daqneesh was rescued by the volunteer service the White Helmets in Aleppo and taken to be treated at a hospital. His battered face and obvious distress at being covered in his own blood is hard to watch.

His parents were found alive, and the family has been reunited.

Some Syrians are saying that Omran may as well be their new ambassador if they have any hope of bringing the five-year-long war to an end.

And artists are using the heartbreaking picture to convey that Omran's story should be more than enough to convince world powers to do more to end the bloodshed.

Omran's entire life has been affected by war. And as distressing as his story is, Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih (@khalidalbaih) pointed out today that the options faced by Syrian children are very few.

Image: Khalid Albaih

Five-year-old Omran was pulled from the ruins of East Aleppo, while three-year-old Alan Kurdi drowned along with his mother and siblings in the Mediterranean last year.

The Syrian civil war has killed more than 400,000 people and forced more than 11m to flee their homes to date.

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