'The making of' Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's Australia apology video confirms what we all suspected

On Sunday Amber Heard and Johnny Depp produced a video to be played in court about biosecurity in Australia after Heard admitted to falsifying customs documents to get her two dogs into the country in April last year.

It is, quite frankly, baffling, especially since it has such a forced air about it.

Some people commented on the pair’s awkwardness, while others doubted their sincerity, but it is YouTube comedian Natalie Tran, who has come up with a 'behind the scenes' video, whose opinion we really trust.

Her take is brilliant - confirming what many of us suspected about it actually being a ransom video:

Johnny Depp is squinting and Amber Heard looks like she's about to cry. Why so serious?

Ah. That's why so serious.

Natalie, wearing an 'Australia' hat, is playing the role of teleprompter. Complete with a gun.

There is no end to the depths of despair in Depp's eyes, and Heard looks like she's bitten into a lemon. Or five.

Guys, smile, ok? It has to look real.


Fine, don't smile - but you better tell everybody how warm and cuddly Australia is:

Moral of the story? Declare everything.

Looks like Hollywood bad boy Depp isn't a rebel anymore after all.

At least Natalie ends the video on an positive note.

Great guys, that was great. I reckon people will think we’re real friendly.

Here's the hilarious video in all its glory:

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