The map of Europe according to who gets the most holiday
Jakub Marian

You may be surprised to learn that UK actually doesn’t come close to measuring up with the rest of Europe when it comes to public holidays.

A map created by Jakub Marian shows that the UK has less than any other country in Europe - but it's actually not as bad as it sounds.

Picture: Jakub Marian

Slovakia has more public holidays than any other country in Europe, with citizens getting 15 a year.

Sweden, Turkey and parts of Spain are all tied for second place at 14 holidays, while The Netherlands has eight, putting it second to last after the UK.

We obviously do have our fair share of bank holidays and other holiday allowance in the UK, but none one of them count in the same way.

That’s because public holidays are seen as non-working, paid holiday days required by law, and employees who are expected to work generally get a higher hourly wage.

But it's not all bad - even though the UK technically comes out last, we do have the highest rate of average annual leave in Europe at 28 days a year.

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