The most beautifully ironic things that have happened this EU campaign

The most beautifully ironic things that have happened this EU campaign

David Cameron faced an hour long stern-faced grilling at Sky News last night, while Michael Gove faces his tonight.

It's all getting a bit serious.

But overall it's been a ridiculous EU referendum campaign at times. So let's pause and reflect on some of the lighter moments of the run-in, when the collective responses were predominately: "Did that just happen?".

1. When a vote leave sign was vandalised and #VoteBeaver became a movement

Despite the Facebook protests of Felix Aubel, an activist for the Welsh Conservative Party, the message provoked more humour than sympathy.

Best of all, #VoteBeaver began trending on Twitter as people began pledging support.


2. When an Irish economic migrant said he'd vote Leave because of economic migrants

The vote will be to get out and as quick as possible.

For the simple reason: I left Ireland when I was 15 years of age, I had no other choice.

Our work has been taken up by thousands and thousands of people crossing over into Britain and that’s the reason I’ll definitely be voting to leave.

I'm sorry. What?

3. When a Ukip MEP criticised foreign doctors' English language skills - and failed at English himself

I'm sorry. What?

4. When the remain campaign spent ages trying to get Corbyn to help and he shot it to pieces

The Labour leader's absence from the Remain campaign, a stance he supposedly supports, was notable for weeks and weeks until he gave a speech in support on 2 June.

In which he undermined central economic claims of the Remain campaign:

And launched a series of attacks on Remain politicians:

Remain HQ will have been delighted.

5. When an anti-EU protester tried to burn an EU flag but couldn't because of an EU law on flammable materials

He appears to have forgotten European fire safety regulations and was stuck there for a good two minutes before giving up.

The fire-retardant flag triumphed repeatedly and the flames quickly flickered out.

Utterly painful.

6. When the Brexit concert acts left the lineup... because they were told it was a Brexit concert

An absolute triumph as one by one the stars fell when told it was an anti-EU concert.

7. When an ex-pat in Spain called for Brexit, citing high immigration

Remember children, 'ex-pats' and 'migrants' are completely different things.

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