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Dreams are funny things - half remembered mysterious tricks of the mind that so often mean so little and so much at the same time.

Here's a short guide to some of the most common dreams and what they might mean for you.

Of course, these are a rough guide, only the dreamer can truly interpret what's going on in their head.

1. Floating or flying

Dream expert Ian Wallace suggests that flying can related to releasing yourself from circumstances that have been metaphorically weighing you down. Other people theorise that it could also relate to our confidence and ability to accomplish things. Flying high is an incredible experience in a dream, while floating low down and skimming the ground suggests that we're still being anchored by something,

2. Losing your teeth

Just like flying high or floating low, teeth falling out can relate to confidence according to the dream whisperers. DreamBible claims that losing one's teeth in dream can signify a loss of power or self-esteem in some area of your life. They go on to say that dreams of teeth falling out are common to people who believe they are losing their looks through aging.

It's also common to people who are losing money, a career, or status of some kind.

3. Naked in public

Our clothes apparently present a particular image to those around us - so being naked therefore suggests that we're venerable or exposed.

Wallace again, argues that it may be linked to a situation in your day-to-day life, such as entering an unfamiliar situation like a new job or relationship that you lack confidence in.

Even though you try and hide your nakedness by whatever means you can, no one else seems to notice because you still appear confident to them.

4. Being chased

This is by far one of the most common dreams reported and researched online. Although no one can say with certainty, many believe that it's tied to problems that we're running away from. Chase dreams suggest that we're avoiding a problem or situation that will eventually come back to bite us in the end.

Dream Moods suggests that being chased by an animal can signify that you are trying to avoid or escape unexpressed or unacknowledged anger.

Fleeing from someone you know can signify that you are trying to overcome a task or negative feelings towards someone.

While running away and enjoying the chase...

... implies that you like being the object of desire. You like feeling wanted. The dream may be analogous to a blossoming relationship.

5. Falling

Falling, by its very nature, is a loss of control - you may feel insecure or unable to get a handle on a situation. Something in your life may be in flux and far too unexplainable for you to copy with.

These dreams can often be a warning that you need to start being more situations and your actions in waking life.

Others speculate that it may be tied to exhaustion in general - you are unable to carry on with such a large workload or set of responsibilities and need to just let go and get people in your support network to ease the burden a little.

6. Finding an unused room

The rooms in a house or building can often represent the many aspects of your character. Finding an unused space, or somewhere you've never seen before, can suggest growth, discovery or new outlooks.

There are those who speculate that if the room is a plain colour and untouched, you are ready to start afresh - like a blank canvas.

7. Water

Water allegedly represents our emotions - the quality of the body of water (clear, cloudy etc.) is an indicator of our emotional state. This too goes for the state of the water; is it a tranqil pond free of ripples, or a raging typhoon?

8. Driving an out of control vehicle

The vehicle, whatever it may be, represents your ability to make consistent progress towards a goal or objective. Your lack of control over the vehicle mirrors your lack of control over real life.

Wallace advises:

Instead of trying to over control the situation, relax your grip and allow your fundamental instincts and drives to steer the best path for you.

9. Sex

Sex in dreams can obviously be about sexual expression - but it can also reportedly mean connections with yourself and others.

DreamBible claims:

Whomever you have sex with represents a quality your noticing in yourself or a situation that you are enjoying.

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