These are the most important human rights, according to different countries around the world

Louis Dor
Friday 01 April 2016 11:00
Picture: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The UK considers the most important right as the right to vote.

YouGov polled seven European countries and the US on their views of the importance of rights, which were taken from declarations from the UN and European Council and those featured in the British and American Bills of Rights, as well as others prominently discussed in recent news lines.

Britain considered the right to vote the most important of all, over 30 other rights, as the below chart by Statista shows:

France, Sweden, Finland and Norway also consider the right to elect their leaders as the most important a person can have.

Although a greater percentage of people in the US thought the right to vote was important than in France, the US population considered the right to free speech as the most important right (69 per cent).

Other highly-appreciated rights included the rights to a fair trial, to healthcare, to a life free from discrimination and to free education.

Of the 30 rights considered in the survey, fighting elections without spending limits, operating a company with few regulations and owning a gun were the least important rights according to most countries.

Owning a gun achieved no more than six per cent of the vote in all countries, except for the US, in which it achieved 46 per cent.

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