icture: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune
icture: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

If you ever get to go on Wheel of Fortune, we have a top tip: do your homework.

Robert did, and he just walked away from the show with $76,000 (£53,000).

He nailed it.


Walking away with a nice little bit of prize money.

Watch the full video, below:

Well played Robert, lesson learned.

He revealed his secret to TapInto.net - that he and his fellow competitors were notified ahead of time that the show would be a nautically-themed one:

There are websites that keep track of past Wheel of Fortune puzzles, so I did some research on previous weeks themes toward these things and wrote them down.

The show does sometimes repeat puzzles, especially themed ones. 'Port & Starboard' had been used at least twice before my show … as soon as I saw that 'Places' was the category, I had a hunch and then I saw four blanks, an ampersand and nine blanks, and my face just lit up.

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