The most prosperous regions of the UK, mapped

Louis Dor
Saturday 05 September 2015 10:00
A Gold Ferrari sits outside Chanel on Sloane Street on 8 August 2014 in London

London is the most prosperous region in the UK, as found by a study which compiled eleven indicators of wealth and success.

The indicators were: Median household wealth, GDP per capita, the unemployment rate, the average weekly household expenditure, the average house price, the proportion of pupils with A*- C GCSE grades, the mean number of paid hours per week, the mean gross annual pay, the business birth-to-death ratio, the insolvency rate and the amount of households giving to charity.

When all the data was compiled by Opinium to produce an index, London came out on top for prosperity.

Second-placed was the South East, followed by Eastern England, as found by higher than average household wealth, property prices and earnings.

As visualised on a map, Britain's prosperity looks as follows (more prosperous is lighter, less so is darker):

(Note: Northern Ireland has not been visualised due to mapping difficulties)

Worth noting is the divide between South and North, as London, the South East and Eastern England enjoyed higher than average household wealth, property prices, earnings and business birth-to-death ratios.

However, Opinium notes that the number of Northern start-ups is healthy, with hubs of activity such as the North East, where the ratio of business births to deaths is second only to London.

Also notable was that levels of giving to charity do not necessarily correlate with wealth.

Despite coming sixth in the index, Northern Ireland was by far the most charitable region. 45 per cent of households gave to charity compared to a national average of 29 per cent.

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