The replies to this tweet about rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean will make you despair

Sunday 07 June 2015 16:20

Twitter is supposedly a liberal medium, but reading the replies to tweets about the royal navy rescuing people in the Mediterranean may make you reconsider.

HMS Bulwark is involved in operations to rescue hundreds of migrants stranded in three boats off the coast of Libya.

Sky News, whose defence correspondent Alistair Bunkall was onboard the ship, tweeted this update:

But then came the replies:

Of course there is a plurality of voices on Twitter.

But once again we are left wondering where is the humanity after the EU was forced to rethink cutting funding for permanent rescue missions in the Mediterranean, and one British newspaper paid a columnist to write what has been compared to hate speech.

We previously highlighted this cartoon from Australia's Simon Kneebone.

We wish people would remember it.

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