A total of 965 people were shot dead at the hands of police in the US in 2015.

This week, the Washington Post published the results of a year-long study which laid out a clear breakdown of fatal police shootings on record.

When the people hired to protect their communities end up killing someone, they can be called heroes or criminals — a judgment that has never come more quickly or searingly than in this era of viral video, body cameras and dash cams.

A single bullet fired at the adrenaline-charged apex of a chase can end a life, wreck a career, spark a riot, spike racial tensions and alter the politics of the nation.

  • Washington Post

Shockingly, yet almost unsurprisingly approximately 40 per cent of all unarmed men shot dead by police were black, despite making up just six per cent of the American population.

H/T Gawker

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