Yesterday we brought you a run-down of the story that everyone on the internet is talking about - the Australian man who punched a Kangaroo.

We've been brought some new information on the trip, which we now gather was a hunt.

The hunt was for a young cancer sufferer who wanted to fulfill a last wish of catching a 100 kilo boar with his dogs.

One of the people on the trip, Greg Bloom, said:

One day while hunting one of the highly trained dogs was chasing some pigs by scent and collided with a big buck kangaroo that then held and wrestled the dog by its protective gear (boars have tusks like knives), the owner was horrified that his dog or the kangaroo would get hurt and run in to save both parties.

You can see the dog trying to escape, wanting nothing to do with the kangaroo. The big buck kangaroo releases the dog when the owner gets close but then moves in to try and attack the human.

A kangaroo kick to the guts could easily disembowel the owner easily, so he backs off a couple of times giving the kangaroo some space but he eventually changes the 'roo's mind with a punch to the snout, as it kept coming forward. 

Which is the bit that has been made famous. What did they make of the altercation?

The punch stops the 'roo and makes him think about the situation, giving the owner and the dog time to disengage from the big wild animal and leaving it to hop off and I suppose wonder about what just happened.

And what was the reaction?

We laughed at the absurdity of the situation and at how unfortunate it was for the dog and kangaroo.

Our six foot seven inch friend felt no malice to the kangaroo but had to step in and fix a bad situation before it got worse.

How has the situation developed?

Young Kailem unfortunately lost his brave battle with cancer two days ago, so this hunt is part of the treasured memories his family and friends have.

Having a dog get tangled up with a 'roo was never our aim or intention and we were happy no animals were hurt in the incident.

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