The thing homophobic men don't want you to know

Saturday 27 August 2016 16:30

If there's one thing homophobic bigots wouldn't want you to know, it's probably that they're the most likely to be transfixed by gay sex imagery.

In a study earlier this year, a group of self-identifying homophobes were given the chance to prove that their views were the result of them being hyper-heterosexual. They did not pass this test.

Researchers from the University of Geneva tested the men, alongside some non-homophobes, by showing them images of both a heterosexual and homosexual nature.

The images show a couple in the middle of the screen and then a small human figure moving away from the centre.

The idea was to monitor how long the men paid attention to the couple in the middle of the screen.

The researchers had a quite simple conclusion:

Men with a high homonegativity score looked significantly longer at homosexual than at heterosexual photographs.

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