A map showing the threat level of terrorism around the world

In the aftermath of the attack in Nice on Bastille Day, it has been confirmed that 84 people have been killed while 52 are in a critical condition.

The man who drove the truck has been named in reports as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a 31-year-old French-Tunisian man.

Though he was known to police for anti-social behaviour, he had no file with the specialist division who monitor possible terrorism targets, and is reported as having showed no signs of extremism.

Prime minister Theresa May has said that a terrorist attack in the UK remains "highly likely" in her first speech since the attack:

The threat level here in the United Kingdom is already at severe - that means that a terrorist attack is highly likely.

Senior officials today will be reviewing what more we can do to ascertain whether there is any further action we need to take.

The Risk Advisory Group, a leading, independent global risk management consultancy, have provided indy100 with up to date terrorism threat levels for countries around the world, as calculated by their Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS).

Here are the current threat levels around the world.

The SIAS levels are probabilistic assessments of hostile activity by terrorists, defining terrorism as an act or threat of violence that is politically, religiously or ideologically motivated.

The levels assess the intent and capabilities of terrorist groups and individuals based on known and stated intentions, analysis of their ideologies, goals, strategy and past activities.

They also take into account actors’ intensity of intent and levels of commitment, as well as the probable intended magnitude, gravity and imminence of hostile action.

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