The truth about whether you should believe in horoscopes

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Hi guys. My name is Ellen. I was born in August. I am a Leo.

According to my zodiac, I am warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. I have an air royalty about me. I love to be in the limelight. I'm a born leader. Hear me roar etc.

My horoscope on today reads:

If you're single, you're going to start to appreciate your independence in a whole new way. But if you're in a relationship or just starting one, you might struggle with this sudden urge to be by yourself.

Omg! Totally.

Oh, wait I clicked on Aries by mistake.

Astrology is widely disregarded as a pseudo science, and while there are reams of academic text to disprove that the month you were born in has little-to-no bearing on your personality, career, love life, tax bracket etc etc, the following video from AsapTHOUGHT is far more digestible than Richard Dawkins' Twitter feed:

Even if you were so inclined to believe in your horoscope, it should probably be noted that you were more than likely born under a different sign than you think you are.

Why? Because the astrological calendar has failed to be updated as our position in relation to the stars has changed.

Last year it was reported by BBC’s Stargazing Live that the constellations have drifted out by a whole month since the zodiac was created over 2,000 years ago.

For example if you were born towards the end of January, you are considered Aquarius. But actually you were born under Capricorn.

Soz guys, but you're not in line for a big promotion or meeting the man/woman of your dreams on a spontaneous trip overseas.

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