If you could be a fly on any wall, where would it be?

The White House? That would probably be a wasted wish to be honest... There’s a good chance Trump wouldn’t even be there.

It turns out the therapist's office is far more interesting.

Therapists and people who have been in therapy have taken to Reddit to reveal some of the weirdest moments that have ever happened to them.

And their stories are fascinating:

They range from the funny

A client was going to probate court and thought he'd dress up by putting a non slip sock on his collar as a tie. Trying to be supportive I told him, 'Nice tie.' To which he replied, 'It's not a tie it's a sock stupid'.


To the ridiculous

My hyperconservative parents sent me to an addiction therapist because they found out I smoked pot occasionally in high school.

The therapist they chose was a former White House drug czar, a renowned authority on cocaine addiction and hard drug abuse, and an expert on rehabilitating extreme problem cases. My parents must have spent a fortune and pulled strings to get me an appointment.

The first session he asks me what drugs I use. I told him I smoke pot like once a week and that was it. After a few rounds of 'come on, you can trust me,' and 'we can't begin treatment until you admit your problem' he realizes that I really do only smoke pot once in a while and literally says 'you have got to be kidding me. Tell your parents you are a normal teenager and you don't need to come back'.


Friend and spouse were in couples counseling. Spouse was cheating. Therapist said, basically, ‘You are going to have to decide whether you want to stay married or have a relationship with X.’ Spouse responded ‘No, I don't’.

Therapist responded, ‘Wow, you are just an asshole.’ Turns to friend ‘You should divorce.’


To the weird

I had a client once who was less than 8 years old, and had once taken a snack from the fridge without permission.

Her mother responded by locking the fridge, cabinets, and all the rooms that were not this child's bedroom.

Had quite a time explaining why that wasn't really a reasonable reaction.


"What brings you in today?"

-"I'm here for porn addiction."

At this point, not the weirdest thing I've heard, let's go with that. "Okay, tell me about it."

-"I watch it three times a week, for 15 minutes or so at a time. My girlfriend said I'm an addict and forced me to come in."

I see lots of very extreme cases, but this was so minor that it made me stop for a moment.

I sent them to couples' counseling.


To the scary

My client told me his family didn't appreciate his interest in guns, to which he proceeded to tell me he is always carrying.

He then places his gun on the table in front of me and asked if it made me nervous. It did, but we focused more about why he wanted to know if I was nervous and it brought it back around to his family.

From then on, I made sure to always have access to a door and never put the client between the door and myself again - just to be safe.


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