There are gender neutral Mother's Day cards


Waitrose is offering gender neutral Mother’s Day cards in an effort to make the holiday more inclusive.

Cards with the phrases ‘Special Person’ and ‘Happy You Day’ are being sold on its website.

‘Happy You Day’ has since been removed from the website.

According to the Sunday Times, Waitrose made the move in an effort to “broaden out who the cards can go to, whether it’s grandmas or transgender mums”.

Picture:Picture: Waitrose screengrab 

Scribbler is also offering a card emblazoned with ‘Two mums are better than one' in an effort to be more inclusive.

Reactions online have been mixed, with some calling the move ‘belittling’

Others were more excited about the prospect.

In an email to Indy100, a Waitrose spokesperson said:

This card is designed to allow our customers to thank anybody they choose to today. 


H/T Sunday Times

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