There are only four personality types in the world. Here's how to find out which one you are
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As humans, we are often require reassurance that we are special or unique in some way.

Most people are familiar with the Myers Briggs personality test, which gives you 16 possible personality types.

However, a new study on human behaviour by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid argues that 90 per cent of the population fits into just four personality categories.

How did they classify this?

The researchers used 541 participants, who were presented with hundreds of social dilemmas and hypothetical conflicts, and their responses were input into a computer algorithm, which categorised their answers.

The people worked together in pairs, which gave them the opportunity to either work together, or betray one another.

Here are the four personality types:


This category had the majority of people – 30 per cent. These people don’t mind what they achieve, as long as it’s better than everyone else.


This group of people, accounting for 20 per cent, believe they will come up with the best choice together.


Pessimists make up 20 per cent, and tend to choose the option of the lesser of two evils.


The final group, making up the final 20 per cent were “born collaborators” and will always cooperate. They don’t mind whether they win or lose.

The remaining ten per cent were unable to be categorised by the algorithm.

Yamir Morena, a researcher involved with the project wrote:

The really funny thing is that the classification was made by a computer algorithm which could have obtained a larger number of groups, but which has, in fact, produced an excellent rating in four personality types

Another researcher, Anxo Sánchez uses a hunting analogy to make the categories clearer:

Two people can hunt deer together, but if they are alone, they can only hunt rabbits. The person belonging to the Envious group will choose to hunt rabbits because he or she will be at least equal to the other hunter, or maybe even better; the Optimist will choose to hunt deer because that is the best option for both hunters; the Pessimist will go for rabbits because that way he or she is sure to catch something; and the hunter who belongs to the Trusting group will cooperate and choose to hunt deer, without a second thought.

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