There's a Pokémon in the White House that looks a lot like Donald Trump

Pokémon Go is life as we know it.

The creatures are everywhere - in fields, across roads and museums, even in press conferences.

And now, someone's put a Pokémon in the White House.

Yes, that White House.

The presidential building is home to a Pokémon gym, and a war has been raging since the augmented reality app came to being.

The spoils? Gaining the White House.

Now, given the high profile nature of the gym, even the strongest Pokémon trainers can only hold onto it for a few seconds before being toppled.

For a precious few minutes, it was held by Joshua Shull.

And his Magikarp.

Any trainer worth their salt knows that a Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokémon out there: yes, it evolves to a mammoth Gyarados, but it takes time and is notoriously difficult to do.

Another interesting tidbit is the name given to this particular Magikarp: The Donald.

Wait, the Pokémon seems familiar...

Given how many people were trying to take the White House, Shull must have expended significant energy to do so.


To answer the question, Shull sent the following meme to Kotaku:

Picture: Robin Marchant/Getty

But what kind of message can he send? Powerless Pokémon ends up in the most powerful building in the Western world. Keeps throne for all of two minutes. Inevitably falls…


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