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A new study conducted by The University of Nebraska suggests political ideologies may be psychologically, rather than just socially, motivated.

The research looked at the relationship between negativity bias and political ideology.

Negativity bias is where your brain gives more emphasis to, and remembers negative rather than positive or neutral images and ideas, and results showed people with right-wing sentiments had a stronger negativity bias than their left-wing counterparts.

Participants of the test were asked to view and memorise as many images as they could out of 120 negative, positive and neutral images.

After, they were shown 240 images – half of which they had not seen, and asked to recall how many they remembered.

Conservative participant remembered 91 per cent of the negative images, in comparison to 80 per cent positive ones.

Left-wing participants remembered 84 per cent negative images, and 86 per cent positive ones.

Mills said:

There are lots of reasons why people differ in how they process emotion. One art of the study was trying to account for how much of that variance is explained by political ideology.

Let's see if we can guess whether you're left-wing or right-wing. Take our test, below!

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