Hang on, there's something not quite right about this estate agent's photo

A Sydney estate agency has been criticised for what appear to be photoshopped images to advertise a house for sale.

The listing for 31A Penshurst Avenue, Penshurst seem to have exchanged a large water tower for a blue sky, while the lawn appears significantly greener than the version of the property on Google Streetview.

Here's how the property was advertised on the estate agency website, Ray White Australia:

Picture: domain.com.au

And here's what that property looks like on Google Streetview...

Here's a comparison of those two photos:

Slider tool courtesy of KnightLabs.

Ray White Australia denied altering the images in any way, claiming the photographer simply made the most of his angles to obscure the tower.

A spokesman for the real estate agency told Australian Women’s Weekly:

The photos were taken by a previous agent and given to us by the owner, who didn’t want to pay for new images to be taken.

The address is available and most people will search for the property on Google Maps, where the water tower is very obvious. We are not trying to trick anyone or hide anything. Anyone who rings up, I tell them about it straight away.

A subsequent photo of the property has since been taken which shows the water tower can be obscured from certain angles.

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