There was a free the nipple protest in Brighton and all these newspapers completely missed the point

Around 200 men and women took to the beach on Brighton's waterfront for a 'Free the Nipple' protest on Sunday.

The #freethenipple campaign first emerged as a protest against womens’ chests being only regarded as sexual objects, in a way that men’s aren’t - as evidenced by public nudity laws and social media sites’ policies on nudity, which allow male nipples but not female ones.

The campaign has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, as evidenced by this weekend's high profile sunny topless sit in.

The event was widely reported - but as you can see below, the point of 'freeing the nipple' went over the heads of some outlets, including ones which aren't exactly salubrious about boobs on certain other pages:

Since indy100 sees ourselves as your friendly neighbourhood internet justice warriors, here are some uncensored pics from the protest:

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