Theresa May didn't turn up to the TV debate, and was completely savaged for it

Theresa May didn't turn up to the TV debate, and was completely savaged for it

This week (almost) all the main party leaders debated ahead of the snap general election on 8 June.

One of the major players missing from the BBC stage was the Prime Minister Theresa May, who reasoned that she can connect to more voters on the campaign trail.

In her place, the Conservative party was represented by Amber Rudd the Home Secretary.

Amber and her party took a severe beating from the audience and from her fellow politicians.

She was regularly shouted down and often took the full brunt of the criticism for Theresa May not attending the debate.

At one point, the Green's Caroline Lucas asked 'how she slept at night', when discussing the Conservative's selling of arms to Saudi Arabia.

The audience too weren't best pleased with May's absence. This rather cold laugh echoed around the auditorium when she asked voters to judge the Conservative party on their record.

Obviously these aren't 'official' BBC subtitles... But they come fairly close.

It really didn't go down well.

Many couldn't stomach the fact that a leader who promoted herself as 'strong and stable', didn't appear strong enough to debate the issues.

And there were plenty of references to Theresa May dodging responsibility.

Tim Farron remarked in his closing statement that the British public weren't 'weren't worth Theresa May's time'.

That struck a chord with many.

Some shared pictures of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meeting voters outside the debate.

As it is the first day of June tomorrow, might this be the official end of May?

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