People are looking outside to see if Theresa May is 'sizing up their house'

(Almost) All of the leaders of the major political parties appeared on the BBC this evening to debate their manifestos and the future of the United Kingdom.

The format for the BBC's debate involved audience questions followed by back and forth, often heated, conversation between the leaders.

Before that got underway though, each representative was given the opportunity to read out a prepared opening statement.

The leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron remarked in his statement that the Prime Minister Theresa May wasn't in attendance.

He wondered where she might be, and suggested she might be outside your house 'sizing it up to pay for social care'.

A bit of a bit ridiculous, but certainly a flashy line to use.

Instantly, British people were on alert. Many ran to their windows to see if the Prime Minister was indeed out there.

Where is she?

It's almost like a horror movie.

She's mobile.

Is... Is she out there?

It's a difficult situation to be in.

Some might say shocking.

Was Tim right?

Check your security cameras.

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