Theresa May left ‘fuming’ after discovering Mark Francois sitting in her House of Commons seat

Theresa May was left fuming on Wednesday when she arrived in the House of Commons for PMQs only to find her fellow Tory MP Mark Francois sitting in her spot on the famous green benches.

As May arrived in the Commons she made her way up to her usual spot on the middle benches, where she has sat since she stepped down as prime minister in July 2019.

However, she clearly didn't look up and when she arrived at the bench, she saw Brexiteer Francois glaring back at her, sitting right in her spot.

The two stared each other down for a few seconds before she decided that this wasn't worth arguing about and went to find a seat elsewhere.

Footage of the incident quickly went viral and people couldn't help but root for May against Francois, who at this point is more of a pantomime villain than a politician.

Perhaps the best response came from comedian Janey Godley who provided a voice-over of what might have gone down between the pair of MPs.

Francois has since told The Mirror that there were no words exchanged between himself and May however there is history between the two.

As one of the most outspoken supporters of Brexit, Francois was a very vocal critic of May's leadership and her proposed Brexit deal, which was repeatedly voted down in the Commons by not just opposition MPs but also hardline Brexiteer Conservatives. Francois had also backed several votes of no-confidence against May during her tenure as PM.

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