You'd have thought Theresa May would be completely rushed off her feet, you know, with the Brexit deal to negotiate and all.

But no, it appears she's had time to squeeze in her acting debut. And sadly, it wouldn't get a five star review from us.

In a sketch to mark This Morning's 30th birthday, the prime minister delivered a cameo in the show, appearing to offer advice to Philip Schofield, who was stuck in traffic and was worried that he wouldn't make it in time for the television programme.

In a skit aired before the show, Schofield was seen calling Holly Willoughby to tell her he was stuck in traffic and wouldn't make it in time.

Holly then went on a quest to make sure her co-presenter was there for the important programme, calling up her friend Dermot O'Leary for advice and help.

Dermot then called news anchor Mary Nightingale, who called Dr Who's Jodie Whittaker, who then called comedian Keith Lemon to lend a hand. Unfortunately, all to no avail.

Finally, Lemon pulls out his ace card, and calls the prime minister.

May seizes the moment, and offers her best advice to Schofield, telling him to get the Red Devils to parachute him into the studio in time, thereby avoiding the rush hour traffic.

Needless to say, the performance has divided the internet.

Some people said the whole thing made them 'cringe' and wondered whether Theresa May didn't have better things to be getting on with - you know, like Brexit?

While others said that it made them 'respect' the prime minister a tiny bit more.

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