These are the most generous cities in Britain

These are Britain's most generous cities, according to a survey of 2,000 people across the country.

Percentage who say they carry out acts of generosity at least once a week:

  1. Sheffield (84 per cent)
  2. Edinburgh (78 per cent)
  3. Liverpool (77 per cent)
  4. Bradford (76 per cent)
  5. London (69 per cent)
  6. Birmingham (68 per cent)
  7. Glasgow (67 per cent)
  8. Manchester (66 per cent)
  9. Leeds (63 per cent)
  10. Bristol (61 per cent)

The survey was carried out by Vision Critical for Fox's Biscuits in October 2014. They also researched the cities most likely to perform certain good deeds.

Cities most likely to …

Wait to hold door open – Sheffield (86 per cent often do this)

Hand you a parking ticket with credit left on – Manchester (59 per cent)

Cook you an unexpected meal – London (41 per cent)

Offer you a lift – Leeds (57 per cent)

Give you directions even if in a hurry – Liverpool (59 per cent)

Hand over a book once they’ve finished reading it – Edinburgh (57 per cent)

Make a cup of tea for a busy colleague – Bradford (55 per cent)

Post you a card out of the blue – Birmingham (22 per cent)

Give clothes to charity – Sheffield (83 per cent)

Be given a tip twice the normal rate – Bristol (33 per cent)

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