These are the worst Hillary and Obama conspiracy theories from a Donald Trump rally

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 22 September 2016 09:00
Picture:(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

Jordan Klepper of the Daily Show went to a Donald Trump rally and asked Donald Trump supporters about their conspiracy theories.

After it turned out some of their theories about Hillary Clinton's health turned out to be correct, Klepper decided to see what else they knew that we didn't at rallies in Wisconsin and Ohio.

Their theories are bizarre.

1. Hillary Clinton has Aids.

(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

It could be Aids

Asked why he thinks she has aids, the man replies:

The way her husband used to be

And where did president Bill Clinton get Aids?

Probably messing around with Magic Johnson

Of course.

Picture: (Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images)

2. There are Clinton body doubles

Picture(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

Springing from the health theories, is the idea that Clinton died on September 11th.

No not that September 11th, everyone knows jet fuel doesn't melt former First Ladies.

The theory goes that since her on-stage tumble, which revealed she pneumonia to the world, she died, and her media appearances covered by a body double.

Which is also the plot of the Kevin Kline movie Dave (1993).

Picture:(Warner Movies on Demand/YouTube)

3. President Obama is a Muslim

This is an old myth, but the Trump supporters have highlighted the tell tale signs.

(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

According to this Trump supporter, president Obama follows the Muslim practice of not wearing jewellery at certain times of the year.

This relates to a rumour in 2010 that because the president was photographed without his wedding ring, and the time of the year was Ramadan, he must be a secret Muslim.

Only there is no ban on men wearing jewellery during Ramadan.

4. President Obama was involved in 9/11

(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

According to the guy who thinks Clinton has Aids, president Obama didn't do enough to stop 9/11.

Asked why, he replied it was because the president took too much time off, and wasn't in the oval office on 9/11.


5. The media ignores Trump's support among African Americans

(The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube)

One supporter believed the media under-represents the level of Trump's support among African Americans.

Klepper then turned to look at the crowd queueing to enter the Trump rally.


Here's the full segment from YouTube containing more bizarre theories.