Thieves leave homeowner handwritten note of what they stole

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 14 September 2016 18:00

If you're unlucky enough to experience the violation of having your house burgled when you're not home, you assume the perpetrators leave nothing related to them behind.

So when Joseph Alvarado came home to find his door wide open and the PlayStation, the controllers and his daughter’s laptop stolen, he didn’t expect a handwritten note with the burglary.

There appear to have been two burglars, who decided to leave two incriminating letters - one apologetic, and one gloating:

I stole your stuffe (sic) because my borther (sic) told me to.

Picture: Khou/screengrab


I broke in ... haha ... and took your PS3, controlers (sic), games, and a kid haha.

Picture: Khou/screengrab

Alvarado, from Houston Texas, told KHOU:

It's just heart-wrenching to read that stuff… it is super hard just to know that this is somebody that made the wrong choice. Somebody decided to kick open somebody's door, break some items and take some stuff and thought that was a good choice.

Because of the child-like nature of the handwriting and grammar, Alvarado suspects the pair may be children.

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