7 things that will make you feel optimistic about the future

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Sometimes we all need a reminder that the world is in fact a pretty cool place to live.

Reddit users are doing just that.

Here are some things we should be looking forward to.

1. We're one step closer to curing cancer

A breakthrough ‘vaccine’ eliminated tumours in mice, a new study from researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine confirmed.

2. CRISPR Technology

Advances is ‘gene editing’ could improve crop output as well as correct gene defects and prevent the spread of disease.

CRISPR was definitely my answer to this question! SO many possibilities in the medical field from 'curing' aging to stopping the appearance of diseases like Alzheimer's and even Cancer!


3. Bee population is on the rise

After years of decline, honeybee colonies are on the increase again. Bees are vital to the ecosystem; they pollinate the majority of plans we need for food.

If we could work together to save the bees, we can deal with climate change.


4. There is more awareness about mental health issues

Mental illness awareness is growing rapidly, and people are more and more willing to assist those in need.


5. The BFR Rocket

Elon Musk announced the creation of a next generation launch vehicle which will help in making Mars colonisation economically feasible. It will also be able to take people from city-to-city anywhere on Earth in under one hour.

The increasing easiness of travelling anywhere in the world.


6. Solar and wind energy is becoming more affordable

In Australia there has been incredible penetration of solar power in the last 10 years, all driven by the economics of solar power... in the last 10 years.

Well, 2018 is even better than the last 10 years in terms of prices, pay-off periods; and sales of solar panels have reflected that. People are installing their panels en-masse with zero subsidies. Businesses big and small, covering their roofs. 


7. More women in positions of power across the world

In February, Liberian former president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the 2017 Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African leadership – one of the most prestigious leadership awards on the continent.

In 2016 the most radical increase in female representation in parliament was in South Africa, Bolivia and Rwanda.

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