This amazing bookshop used to be a theatre

This amazing bookshop used to be a theatre
Picture: throgers/Flickr

The El Ateneo Grand Splendid. What a name.

Over one hundred years ago, the wonderfully-named building was a tango theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina; then it became a cinema.

Picture: Wiki Commons

In 2000, it was converted into a book shop. And just look at it.

Picture: Christian Jimenez/Flickr

The interior:

Nico Kaiser/Flickr

The painted ceilings:

Picture: Wiki Commons

Picture: Niels Mickers/Flickr

The staircase:

Picture: Kara Brugman/Flickr

The balconies:

Picture: Allison Meier/Flickr

The lighting:

Picture: Sebastian Dario/Flickr

The curtains:

Picture: Wiki Commons

And the best part? You can read the books inside all day.

There's also a cafe where the stage once was, so you can buy a book and curl into a seat with a coffee.

Picture: David Kirsch/Flickr


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