This beautiful love letter found in the Mediterranean is a welcome reminder that refugees are not terrorists

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario captured an incredibly beautiful sentiment, thought to be written by a refugee fleeing an increasingly hostile situation in the Middle East.

Posting a photograph of the letter, scrawled across a piece of cardboard, Addario wrote: "I found this love letter on the pavement after photographing a ship of migrants and refugees disembarking in Sicily."

Roughly translated from Egyptian dialect, it reads:

Rana, I wanted to be with you. Don't forget me. I love you very much. My wish is for you not to forget me. Be well my love. A loves R. I love you.

Addario added: "Refugees are not terrorists; they are fleeing violence at home. There are over four million Syrian refugees. Welcome them."

Her post comes as a worrying call to "shut our borders" echoes across Europe and the US, and is a welcome reminder of the human lives behind the statistics and news headlines.

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