A clinic in Australia claims it can cure your hangover in just 30 minutes

Trying to find the perfect hangover cure is a hunt as elusive as that for the Holy Grail - but a clinic in Australia could finally have the answer.

The Hangover Clinic in Sydney claims that it can it sort out sore heads in just half an hour - thanks to an effective combination of IV drips and vitamin cocktails.

But it comes at a price - with treatments starting at AUD$140 (£67).

If you're hoping for the full one hour treatment, it's AUD$200 for two litres of hydration drip, vitamins and oxygen therapy.

Of course, greasy food is the cheaper option - but clinic founder Max Petro doesn't recommend that.

"Having intravenous fluids, that can have benefits", he told 3News.

"As for having something like Maccas, that can be debated and that's something I wouldn't be recommending."

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