This 'coal is amazing' video is so bad it has to be seen to be believed

The mining industry in Australia has created a new video as part of a big advertising campaign to sing the praises of coal, explaining just how "amazing this little black rock really is".

Created by the Minerals Council of Australia, "Coal. It's an amazing thing" claims that the industry provides the economy with AUD$40bn (£18.1bn) each year, can "provide endless possibilities" as well as "provide light and jobs".

Unsurprisingly, the video, whose heavily-filtered close-ups and sultry, whispering voiceover makes it sound like a bad M&S advert... but for coal, has been slammed by environmental campaigners who labelled it "ludicrous" and "desperate", according to the Guardian.

Also unsurprisingly, it's gone down like a sack of, um, coal on YouTube:

This isn't just any coal, this coal is amazing coal...

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