This feminist author says victims are to blame for their sexual assault

Susan Brownmiller was an important voice on the feminist front in the 1970s.

Her book Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, was a pivotal text in the battle to make rape and sexual assault not only a key women's issue but a political one.

However, in an interview with The Cut, the "feminist hero" says it's unrealistic for women to think they can drink like men and still be safe, adding:

I find the position "don't blame us, we're survivors" to be appalling.

When asked whether she worried her staunch views could be interpreted as victim-blaming she said:

If you drink you lose your sense of judgement. Everybody know that...

And my feeling about young women trapped in sex situations that they don't want is: "Didn't you see the warning signs? Who do you expect to do your fighting for you?"

It is a little late, after you are both undressed, to say "I don't want this".

Brownmiller takes a similar stance on the victims of domestic violence, arguing it is her place "as a feminist" to say: "Get out, out, get out of this relationship."

The male perpetrators did muster a small mention, with the author concluding it would be "nice" if men would respect the boundaries around sex and consent.

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