This haunting video has a powerful message about everyday racism

A week after the Charleston church shootings, this video is a reminder that it's not just America still struggling with a racist past.

Beyond Blue, a non-profit that focuses on raising awareness of mental health issues, has a powerful message for Australians about the effects of everyday racism on Aboriginal people.

The "Stop. Think. Respect" campaign aims to make people aware of the little voice in the back of their minds that immediately jumps to conclusions about what people are like based on their appearance.

In several normal situations such as the shop, bus station, office and pub, white Australians make split second judgements about the Aboriginal people they encounter, the voice in their head externalised in the form of a creepy man.

"Could you really rely on her?" he wonders for a job interviewer.

"You're not staying there, are you?" he asks a guy in a shopping centre when an Aboriginal man sits down next to him.

"Discrimination leads to depression and anxiety in Aboriginal Australians. No one should be made to feel like crap because of who they are," the voiceover says.

The video was first published last year, but has been widely shared on social media again in the past week.

Watch it for yourself here:

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