This tiny house tells you everything you need to know about the London housing market

Ok, it's Kensington, but still. This is ridiculous.

This two bedroom house is only seven feet wide.

The diameter needed to swing a cat has been previously estimated as roughly 10 feet, so you literally couldn't swing a cat in this house.

Picture: Winkworth Estate Agents

Seven feet, over three storeys, somehow jamming in a kitchen, a drawing room, a roof terrace, two bedrooms, and an en suite bathroom.

Picture: Winkworth Estate Agents

Oh and a BLOODY FIREPLACE. The extravagance.

Picture: Winkworth Estate Agents

The property is being sold by Winkworth Estate Agents, and Josh Grinling, one of their agents, told the Evening Standard that the property had spurred a lot of interest.

I can’t confirm if it is the narrowest house in Central London but it is the narrowest in Kensington and Chelsea, and certainly the narrowest I have ever seen.

Picture: Winkworth Estate Agents

Grinling said he'd sold the house three times during his time at the estate agents, attractive due to its low pricetag.

Maybe it's because you're getting a roof terrace, on which you can just about fit a table and two chairs.

Picture: Winkworth Estate Agents

No more than two, though. So if you're moving in as a couple, then don't have kids.

This 49 square metres on three floors can be yours for only £1.25 million.

That's only roughly £25,500 per square metre. Bargain.

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