This interview perfectly explains the frustration junior doctors have with the government

Junior doctors are going on strike on January 12 in a dispute over pay.

The strike will being at 8am on Tuesday, preceding two further walk-outs on Tuesday January 26 and Wednesday February 10.

Emergency care will be staffed, but thousands of NHS patients requiring planned treatment will be affected.

The doctors are staging the strike following "constructive" talks between the British Medical Association and NHS Employers.

But an agreement over government plans, which would see an 11 per cent increase in basic pay but a cut in the number of weekend hours in which juniors doctors can claim pay for working unsocial hours, wasn't reached.

In a BBC interview, one eye surgeon based in Birmingham claims that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt and his "cronies" are trying to enforce disruptive and damaging changes to the payment system.

Here's the interview:

On Thursday, the Independent revealed that a letter written by a top "independent" medic, which questioned whether junior doctors would be available in a Paris-style attack, was given a harder edge by Whitehall officials.

Demands for an enquiry into Hunt's Department of Health came soon after.

The government has stated that a new payment policy is necessary in order to implement more seven-day services, the BBC reports.

Although junior doctors would be given a pay rise, their pay for working unsocial shifts would be significantly reduced.

Junior doctors and the BMA also argue it could lead to healthcare professionals being overworked due to weakened safeguards for excessive hours.

They say it could lead to higher risks in patient care.

On Saturday, thousands marched in London, in a separate protest, over plans to scrap NHS bursaries for nurses and midwives.

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