This shambolic interview sums up the state of American politics right now

Picture: CNN/YouTube/screengrab
Picture: CNN/YouTube/screengrab

The truth is out of fashion American politics, and Republicans are the biggest culprits.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump tends to forego coherency and fact in favour of emotive, often incomprehensible rambling statements.

However Trump isn't the only one of his party to shuck facts and statistics.

Newt Gingrich, who was in the running to become his vice president had an interview with CNN last week.

It was scary.

Alisyn Camerota, news anchor for CNN Today began by citing FBI statistics to demonstrate that violent crime across the country is decreasing.

Violent crime across the country is down… we are safer and it is down. These are the national FBI facts.

Camerota is correct: there is an overall downward trend in violent crimes in the US.

Gingrich didn't think the FBI was a good enough source

Current view is liberals have a whole set of statistics which theoretically may be right but it’s not where human beings are.

Gingrich, it's not the 'naughty liberals' making the's statistics from a national law authority.

Gingrich went on to say:

What I say is equally true. People feel more threatened.

And then he dropped this statement:

As a political candidate I’ll go with what people feel and you can go with the theoreticians.

So… basically, feelings are more important than cold, hard fact?

You can watch the train wreck, below:

Welcome to the post-truth world.

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